Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally back!!

The wait is over! I was actually on a very busy search for a good DSLR camera that fit my budget, I wanted to have a good camera so even if I cant shoot a full outfit, --- obviously I have still shopped within this time frame so I can atleast show my purchases. My Nikon CoolPix wasn't doing anyone a favor so instead of just getting a good digital camera, I went full force on a DSLR, something that had HD Video as well. So I bought....a Canon T1i that was the best purchase! My cousin let me borrow his extra lenses as well! I'm super excited to start taking pics and keep up with this blog! Hopefully I won't have such a crazy HAITUS from this moment on, though work and summertime/Family etc are taking up most of my life, I will keep up as best I can!! <3 Ammara

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