Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hottest Trend- Color-Blocking Trench Coat!

Neon has made the trendiest come back yet, first accessorizing neutral garments, and now part of the main piece! One of my favorite collections EVER, the Burberry Prorsum S/S2011 was the first collection, that paired neutral trench coats and leather jackets, with neon belts, and purses. Reed Krakoff does an amazing job color-blocking chartreus-ish yellow with black Perfect for the Spring! Not a fan of Blake Lively, but she definitely looks amazing in the coat. When I saw it on the runway I did not believe it was the same exact thing! For more on Reed Krakoff, check out his collection on Style.Com, definitely NOT a disappointment! :) One of the best in S/S2012 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fashion fades, only style remains the same. Coco Chanel

Its ridiculous how much "style" has not been recycled, but revived through out the years.. for my costume class, we have to do a sketchbook, which normally entails drawings and inspirations through the semester that we turn in. In some classes we turn it in periodically throughout the semester, but in this case, it pertains to different time periods, but we have to find pictures that depict that time's inspiration using our textbook as a reference. I decided to do my entire thing via Powerpoint.. One of the most creative and talented designers, we have lost.. Alexander McQueen, Dior, and so many other designers  do a riveting job bringing back exquisite styles from the past and makes them into the most beautiful garments.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun Funky Nails

About 3 Months Later :( !! I havent had time to update this b/c I was working way too much! Ive been wanting to work on my blog but havent had time for anything !! Schools back in session as well!! So my life is more hectic than usual! But!!! I get a bit of a break after class tomorrow! Gonna have a Girls Night In and a DIY all in one! My sweeetie niece is really into Nail Art, and nails are like the hottest accessory or finish to any look, were gonna do one for Water Marble Nails! Stay tuned!!...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coral Nails and Fun Accessories! Jalsa Weekend

Hi Everyone! Went to a convention this past weekend, so Ive been prepping, and busy at work. I didnt take many pics but here are a few of accessories and my manicure I had. My LATEST OBSESSION- Coral! Here's a pic of my nails .. I feel like I use my crap BB camera more than the new one! :S OPI -Cajun Shrimp :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quiet Before the Storm

  Did a little Roaming in DC, had to try out this restaurant that everyone had raved about for a while now. Nandos, it is AMAZE. Had a great time with a friend of mine and even better... in June, it was 78 Degrees, that has been impossible, given we have had weather, since the end of May in over high 90s. Ok enough with the weather report, (not sure how to start the outfit blog) but here goes !..

H&M Skirt | HM Bracelets  |  NineWest Gladiators Macee | Missimo Grey Cardigan | FG black Tee | HM Scarf  | Helmand Vintage Watch

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally back!!

The wait is over! I was actually on a very busy search for a good DSLR camera that fit my budget, I wanted to have a good camera so even if I cant shoot a full outfit, --- obviously I have still shopped within this time frame so I can atleast show my purchases. My Nikon CoolPix wasn't doing anyone a favor so instead of just getting a good digital camera, I went full force on a DSLR, something that had HD Video as well. So I bought....a Canon T1i that was the best purchase! My cousin let me borrow his extra lenses as well! I'm super excited to start taking pics and keep up with this blog! Hopefully I won't have such a crazy HAITUS from this moment on, though work and summertime/Family etc are taking up most of my life, I will keep up as best I can!! <3 Ammara

Friday, April 15, 2011

Race for Hope - DC:


I will be participating in the RACE FOR HOPE 2011 in efforts to raise awareness and funds for the National Brain Tumor Society!
My family friend Saira Malik, her husband Zahid Malik died of this disease in 2008. He joined the race in hopes to raise funds for 2 years. We want to encourage research to find cures for such causes. Thank you for the support! Please click the link below to donate and or participate!

Race for Hope - DC:


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miltary Jacket

As you all probably know, I ABSOLUTELY love Olivia Palermo. I saw this outfit of her's and fell in love with it. Her outfit looks elegant yet effortless, I saw The Glamourai rock an olive jacket similarly. I knew my brother had a an olive//military style jacket at some point, but knowing him, the jacket was too big since he loses weight really fast and it might be a tad big on me. I'm trying to get in the habit to wear looser fit clothing that just flow right but I don't even know how to do it. Unless the garments are made to be big but in my normal size which at some point in my lief was an XS/S :P Anyway my mom was cleaning the closet, and I found an old coat/jacket (too short for a proper coat/but longer than a jacket) that I bought from Ebay at one point a few years ago. I quickly tossed it into the laundry which came out a tad faded. ( I hate my laundry detergent) It had some work to be done as well,  my sister started wearing it and obviously it fell a part. Nothing a lil hand sewing cant patch, - one being a pocket and I am thinking of replacing the buttons. Either way I am going to little DIY and turn the coat jacket into this look :) Ill post it up as soon as I do it. B4 doing any work to it, I tried it on with several of my belts. I didn't have a brown one, but I had one woven dark cognac/toned belt and one cognac with gold embellishments and one black. All of them looked really good. Cant wait to wear it!
If you really like the jacket heres a really good affordable version (if worn properly you can ltierally emulate the look! Buffalo-Womens-Military-Belted-Patchwork-Jacket

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Swag from 1st day of Sport's Tournament

Yesterday, I signed up for badminton, I didn't actually think we were playing yesterday, cuz I definitely was NOT dressed for it. I was wearing Skinny jeans, a mock neck black sweater, and a black/grey striped cardigan, with suede open toe ankle wedges, but I wasnt sure if it was appropriate so I drove to HM on my way there and found this Tunic Sweater. Each division of the DMV/Harrisburg Region had shirts made.. When Badminton started I found someone who actually had the same shoe size as me (6) Like a RARITY! DC high tops. So funky!    Taken via Blackberry, wore these for like an 1 hour, and never played, game got postponed cuz the opposing team didnt show up :S (and yes, I am wearing the T-shirt over the sweater because that's how we had to wear them.  

Outfit: Forever21 Scarf, HM Grey/Salmon Tunic Sweater, DC Hightops, American Rag Skinny Jeans Lajna t shirt

Faux fur and Layering

The latest on-going trend seems to be layering. It always adds a little extra to the 'ensem'. I love it though, not just because I'm always cold. Its a great way to mix colors, textures and patterns. Ive seen more black on black then ever before, and it just always works, regardless of how different the fabrics are, shades of black or textures it seems to look amazing. I love layering vests on top of jackets, blazers under leather jackets, adding cardigans.. if only I wasn't stuck in Laurel, MD... I love going to busy cities, observing the endless amount creativity in street style. One of the reasons I wanted to do the blog. I was fascinated with the effortless, comfort and confidence european style exudes, and I got a glimpse of it being in NY last year. Ill get into that later, Here are some latest purchases..
Hydraulics Faux-Fur Vest MSRP: 69.00 I got it for 5-10$ (Macys)
HM Grey Blazer MSRP :49.00 I got for $20
Degree Blue Top- $5/9.99 Not sure (Macys)
Ninewest Orro- MSRP: 99.00 I got em for $50- or less
Learn to shop wisely :P
This vest seems like its going to be one of my favorite items which i'll LITERALLY wanna wear with everything! too bad its a tad snug, after exchanging it to a S from an XS.. I just need to lose like 10 lbs Ive gained on top of the 7 I was trying to lose :S

Friday, April 8, 2011

1st Styling Photoshoot

My first photoshoot didn't go as planned, I wanted to use my wardobe to show off My Styling Techniques,  it ended up being a bit more complicated. When I usually purchase something, I tend to picture myself being in a certain location or looking a certain way, one of the many reasons why I hardly - actually never wear anything. I am starting to break out of that phase. Both Models either shoe size or body frame, weren't anything like me so it was a tad harder, plus shooting in DC, wasnt easy b/c the clothes were at a friends apt in Arlington and parking being the biggest issue. I only had limited things to bring and majority of the clothes were being tried on by the girls the first time. Anyway it went pretty good.

Credits: Dave Mcintosh
Usmaan Chaudhry

Ankle Boots. Obsession.

I got these last summer, probably wore em once. I like that about NINEWEST though, the heel isn't extreme. But ABSOLUTELY HATE my feet. They cant work with any shoes, even in flats they start aching. :S All because of the flattest pair of shoes on earth, that I wore literally ALL DAY EVERYDAY for like 5 years,  The Diesel Explorer. I had to trash them eventually otherwise, even replacing them with something that actually had a sole, I still would have reverted back to them. Miss them :( But yeah.. so thats my shoe dilemma, but I do love shoes, Manly ones that can grip my size 6 fairly narrow foot (Not many can). But recently I counted somewhere about 45 -50 I think. I guess that's normal. I've bought 3 more pairs recently. All black of course, that color just sucks me in, Ill put more pics up today, of my recent purchases ---------> Me, trying be artsy with the camera, and it was working fairly fine till I tried taking pics of my "swag" for the day but turned out HENOUS. sorry. Till I sort this out, or get a better photographer, namely my niece, who is fantastic, I cant post pics. Ergh :(

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Audrey Heburn Remembered

 A few years ago, I was told I resemble Audrey (I wish). I had no idea who she was but I looked her up and fell in love with her. I didn't know she had passed a long time ago, (early 90's). At the time, I heard so much about Breakfast at Tiffany's so I assumed it was a fairly new movie. During my undergrad I was told to watch Roman Holiday by one of my professors, after telling him I loved The Pianist, I figured the movies were related. I wasn't in the mood for a cry fest, and one day when I was in Block Buster's I came across it. I grabbed it but didn't feel like watching. When I saw her name in the title I put it and fell in love. She was one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived, a woman every girl should try to emulate. So far Ive seen, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, The Nun Story, My Fair Lady, Paris When it Sizzled, Charade, Wait Until Dark, Two for the Road, Funny Face, Sabrina, War and Peace, The Children's Hour, and How to Steal a Million. Shes absolutely the loveliest person EVER.
One of the greatest women in history.

The makeup show and Wardobe Fail

While I have sometime to work on this, I might as well... I just fixed the settings on my NIKON Digital camera. I've had for some time now but the quality seemed to be a Fail.  I tried it out this morning, so far so good.. I figured I'd start by adding a few of the new pieces I got. Right now I'm stressed out, deciding what to wear to NY (If I go, yeah I know. LAME) I mean I think between May and June, I will end up just going but If Mario's Seminar conflicts with Naureen's wedding, its gonna be a true FAIL. Ah *sigh* if only miracles happened..

Yeah, back to my real Dee-eye-Lemma. What to wear? My first concern.. Obviously comfort. When I generally pack, subconsciously, limiting myself to the basic essentials like its Survival of the Fittest, SERIOUSLY. I gotta be prepared, you know, incase my straighter blows up or I lose my makeup or God knows what. But ofcourse it is NEVER that serious! So that means something I won't feel aggrevated in, cuz that happens oh, so often! In almost EVERYTHING I wear :(

2nd Concern, it is NY. I have to pack everything in a decent sized carry-on because I cant haul it all over town, that means.. taking a straighten, curling iron(s), Accessoriess, and SHOES.
Keeping one pair of shoe that goes with everything isn't the issue but a shoe that's comfortable to walk in all time that is still appealing  (Unlike my Shape ups ) Also, being a minimalist isn't so fun always. I mean basic clothes, limited stuff will just wash out the outfits, not that the pieces wont look good alone but it's been long over due.

3rdly- Wrinkle Resistant Clothing? I mean I might as well wear a bag over my body and call it a wrap. ://

Any Solutions, Pls let me know! My knees suck (vital information)
On a good note. Im gonna add some of my latest shopping I've done! :)

Until then,

adieu <3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogductivity ;)

Finally Set up My Makeup Blog! I did my first latest post for Style Scrapbook, helping her recreate her look from a MANGO Shoot. She emailed me the next day! love it. I cant wait to do more. Its so true, as Nikki would say before getting her blog out there, that she is constantly working on it. Now I get it. Im signed up on like EVERYTHING. I was a bit overwhelmed with the idea that I need to keep up on everything but if you gradually add to it, as I've started doing, Ill probably keep myself organized! Its absolutely wonderful. Also, Ive asked Amy to lend me her camera if I go to NY and she said sure! love her, I cant wait... to start getting out there :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Design Concepts

Just as I thought I had sometime to sit and add to this blog, someone needed the laptop. I figured I'd add 1st Project in Fashion Design, I did last semester. I got so much positive feedback as I started adding pictures while making it. The project consisted of using Non-Fabric Items, and a very low budget to create a 'wearable' garment. Meaning I had to had some sort of buttons or Zipper so it could go on or off. Would love Feed Back! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new beginning w/out starting over...

Finally updating this. I felt like my blog wasn't ready for the world to see. I started reading loads of blogs in my spare time and felt like I needed get on it, asap! There's no perfect timing and I think I was just waiting to be totally ready. I started looking at some of my favorite bloggers, [found a new one yesterday] and realized they were fairly basic when they first started, and one was in 2008 and the other one 2009. I'm not uber technical but I am not close to "caveman" style where I cant show my stuff off. 
Another worry I started having was understanding/making a website and a high-tech blog. Don't need to do it! 
I wanted to wait till I got back from NY to really start showing my sense of style/ makeup etc but I realized even when I add new pieces to my Wardrobe I can add that here as well. Eventually I can get up to the high tech stuff but I need to keep writing. I will, at some point, update my "ABOUT ME" section too! So to start off, Ill share my favorite blogs which I am ABSOLUTELY in love with, and through these bloggers I've come to realize that a blog is a blank canvas to merely express one's self, so that's what I am sticking with, and once I get my own laptop Ill add/ and learn the HTML stuff I need to make it Jazzy!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ankle Boots are AMAZING.

I haven't had much time to write in this, Ive been juggling 6 classes, and its Finals Week :S I was also trying to create a collage of my recent styling shoot to use as the top border for this blog but its too big, I've asked a friend to shrink it, so until then, Ill keep what I have..
I thought I'd start by sharing my latest obsession.. Ankle Booties, and mainly because I just got a pair, I will hopefully pick them up by the weekend, if not friday... 

Since I love Macys, and its fairly affordable in my case, I put a list of shoes together that I loweee from there. I think Ankle Boots came out last year or maybe before that but now they're fairly accessible and those are some of my favs.... Im definitely thinking of getting the NW ORRO's because of the wedge, I cant stand anything with a tall heel.. Most of the ones I've really liked have a small heel anyway! Just thought I'd share...
and the ones that I just got ...

The ME TOO LATRIAs, I found a few websites that carry the shoe.  I am uber excited about these shoes, theyre perfect! If u notice the lightest pair, Nordstrom carries them, I have yet to see em in person though. The ones I'm getting are from Lord and Taylor in Suede black... I tried em on and fell in lowee! I cant wait to get them.. I want an ankle boot in taupe next, but for these, the Nordstrom ones come closest to taupe but then again the picture could be deceiving so I played it safe.
I'm hoping the suede ones last b/c Ive bought some Me Too Slouch boots, about 4-6 years ago, and the suede is like blueish black fade and kinda messy... so who knows, but those I did wear though thick and thin, so maybe it wont be so bad..

well back to studying! My last on-campus day is Tomm!!! YAYYYYY!!! and my last final is online due by Friday.. :S yeah.
Gnight all!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hi all!!
I just spent all day figuring how to use these new templates, and I came up with something I liked, until I actually customize it to my personal taste. So, a bit about me. I am a Fashion Design student, I just started this semester and it's been challenging but for the first time, in a long time I have felt very confident in myself, that the field I chose was the field I was meant to flourish in! With that said, I started getting into Styling projects recently, though I ended up doing them in the duration of the semester, before going to school I figured it would be nice to build some sort of portfolio of Styling and I have been a Certified Makeup Artist for about 5-6 years now. In the past 2 years I have gotten into a more creative outlook on makeup, getting into a more Avant-garde aspect. Love to get messy and creative! Anyways, the blog will focus on projects from school, as well Styling photo-shoots and anything Fashion related! Please feel free to share opinions and comments!!