Thursday, April 7, 2011

The makeup show and Wardobe Fail

While I have sometime to work on this, I might as well... I just fixed the settings on my NIKON Digital camera. I've had for some time now but the quality seemed to be a Fail.  I tried it out this morning, so far so good.. I figured I'd start by adding a few of the new pieces I got. Right now I'm stressed out, deciding what to wear to NY (If I go, yeah I know. LAME) I mean I think between May and June, I will end up just going but If Mario's Seminar conflicts with Naureen's wedding, its gonna be a true FAIL. Ah *sigh* if only miracles happened..

Yeah, back to my real Dee-eye-Lemma. What to wear? My first concern.. Obviously comfort. When I generally pack, subconsciously, limiting myself to the basic essentials like its Survival of the Fittest, SERIOUSLY. I gotta be prepared, you know, incase my straighter blows up or I lose my makeup or God knows what. But ofcourse it is NEVER that serious! So that means something I won't feel aggrevated in, cuz that happens oh, so often! In almost EVERYTHING I wear :(

2nd Concern, it is NY. I have to pack everything in a decent sized carry-on because I cant haul it all over town, that means.. taking a straighten, curling iron(s), Accessoriess, and SHOES.
Keeping one pair of shoe that goes with everything isn't the issue but a shoe that's comfortable to walk in all time that is still appealing  (Unlike my Shape ups ) Also, being a minimalist isn't so fun always. I mean basic clothes, limited stuff will just wash out the outfits, not that the pieces wont look good alone but it's been long over due.

3rdly- Wrinkle Resistant Clothing? I mean I might as well wear a bag over my body and call it a wrap. ://

Any Solutions, Pls let me know! My knees suck (vital information)
On a good note. Im gonna add some of my latest shopping I've done! :)

Until then,

adieu <3

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