Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miltary Jacket

As you all probably know, I ABSOLUTELY love Olivia Palermo. I saw this outfit of her's and fell in love with it. Her outfit looks elegant yet effortless, I saw The Glamourai rock an olive jacket similarly. I knew my brother had a an olive//military style jacket at some point, but knowing him, the jacket was too big since he loses weight really fast and it might be a tad big on me. I'm trying to get in the habit to wear looser fit clothing that just flow right but I don't even know how to do it. Unless the garments are made to be big but in my normal size which at some point in my lief was an XS/S :P Anyway my mom was cleaning the closet, and I found an old coat/jacket (too short for a proper coat/but longer than a jacket) that I bought from Ebay at one point a few years ago. I quickly tossed it into the laundry which came out a tad faded. ( I hate my laundry detergent) It had some work to be done as well,  my sister started wearing it and obviously it fell a part. Nothing a lil hand sewing cant patch, - one being a pocket and I am thinking of replacing the buttons. Either way I am going to little DIY and turn the coat jacket into this look :) Ill post it up as soon as I do it. B4 doing any work to it, I tried it on with several of my belts. I didn't have a brown one, but I had one woven dark cognac/toned belt and one cognac with gold embellishments and one black. All of them looked really good. Cant wait to wear it!
If you really like the jacket heres a really good affordable version (if worn properly you can ltierally emulate the look! Buffalo-Womens-Military-Belted-Patchwork-Jacket

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