Saturday, April 9, 2011

Faux fur and Layering

The latest on-going trend seems to be layering. It always adds a little extra to the 'ensem'. I love it though, not just because I'm always cold. Its a great way to mix colors, textures and patterns. Ive seen more black on black then ever before, and it just always works, regardless of how different the fabrics are, shades of black or textures it seems to look amazing. I love layering vests on top of jackets, blazers under leather jackets, adding cardigans.. if only I wasn't stuck in Laurel, MD... I love going to busy cities, observing the endless amount creativity in street style. One of the reasons I wanted to do the blog. I was fascinated with the effortless, comfort and confidence european style exudes, and I got a glimpse of it being in NY last year. Ill get into that later, Here are some latest purchases..
Hydraulics Faux-Fur Vest MSRP: 69.00 I got it for 5-10$ (Macys)
HM Grey Blazer MSRP :49.00 I got for $20
Degree Blue Top- $5/9.99 Not sure (Macys)
Ninewest Orro- MSRP: 99.00 I got em for $50- or less
Learn to shop wisely :P
This vest seems like its going to be one of my favorite items which i'll LITERALLY wanna wear with everything! too bad its a tad snug, after exchanging it to a S from an XS.. I just need to lose like 10 lbs Ive gained on top of the 7 I was trying to lose :S

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