Friday, April 8, 2011

1st Styling Photoshoot

My first photoshoot didn't go as planned, I wanted to use my wardobe to show off My Styling Techniques,  it ended up being a bit more complicated. When I usually purchase something, I tend to picture myself being in a certain location or looking a certain way, one of the many reasons why I hardly - actually never wear anything. I am starting to break out of that phase. Both Models either shoe size or body frame, weren't anything like me so it was a tad harder, plus shooting in DC, wasnt easy b/c the clothes were at a friends apt in Arlington and parking being the biggest issue. I only had limited things to bring and majority of the clothes were being tried on by the girls the first time. Anyway it went pretty good.

Credits: Dave Mcintosh
Usmaan Chaudhry

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