Friday, April 8, 2011

Ankle Boots. Obsession.

I got these last summer, probably wore em once. I like that about NINEWEST though, the heel isn't extreme. But ABSOLUTELY HATE my feet. They cant work with any shoes, even in flats they start aching. :S All because of the flattest pair of shoes on earth, that I wore literally ALL DAY EVERYDAY for like 5 years,  The Diesel Explorer. I had to trash them eventually otherwise, even replacing them with something that actually had a sole, I still would have reverted back to them. Miss them :( But yeah.. so thats my shoe dilemma, but I do love shoes, Manly ones that can grip my size 6 fairly narrow foot (Not many can). But recently I counted somewhere about 45 -50 I think. I guess that's normal. I've bought 3 more pairs recently. All black of course, that color just sucks me in, Ill put more pics up today, of my recent purchases ---------> Me, trying be artsy with the camera, and it was working fairly fine till I tried taking pics of my "swag" for the day but turned out HENOUS. sorry. Till I sort this out, or get a better photographer, namely my niece, who is fantastic, I cant post pics. Ergh :(

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