Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ankle Boots are AMAZING.

I haven't had much time to write in this, Ive been juggling 6 classes, and its Finals Week :S I was also trying to create a collage of my recent styling shoot to use as the top border for this blog but its too big, I've asked a friend to shrink it, so until then, Ill keep what I have..
I thought I'd start by sharing my latest obsession.. Ankle Booties, and mainly because I just got a pair, I will hopefully pick them up by the weekend, if not friday... 

Since I love Macys, and its fairly affordable in my case, I put a list of shoes together that I loweee from there. I think Ankle Boots came out last year or maybe before that but now they're fairly accessible and those are some of my favs.... Im definitely thinking of getting the NW ORRO's because of the wedge, I cant stand anything with a tall heel.. Most of the ones I've really liked have a small heel anyway! Just thought I'd share...
and the ones that I just got ...

The ME TOO LATRIAs, I found a few websites that carry the shoe.  I am uber excited about these shoes, theyre perfect! If u notice the lightest pair, Nordstrom carries them, I have yet to see em in person though. The ones I'm getting are from Lord and Taylor in Suede black... I tried em on and fell in lowee! I cant wait to get them.. I want an ankle boot in taupe next, but for these, the Nordstrom ones come closest to taupe but then again the picture could be deceiving so I played it safe.
I'm hoping the suede ones last b/c Ive bought some Me Too Slouch boots, about 4-6 years ago, and the suede is like blueish black fade and kinda messy... so who knows, but those I did wear though thick and thin, so maybe it wont be so bad..

well back to studying! My last on-campus day is Tomm!!! YAYYYYY!!! and my last final is online due by Friday.. :S yeah.
Gnight all!

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